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The Architect: KTP Journal
Issue 64

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  • Din l-Art Helwa Awards
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Faculty for the Built Environment
The print version of tA is mailed to KTP members. Electronic versions of back issues are available for download.


New Council for KTP

Following the Extraordinary General Meeting held on Friday, 10th May 2013, during which elections were held, the Council of the Kamra tal-Periti has been constituted as follows:

Perit Stephen Farrugia (President); Perit Christopher Mintoff (Vice-President); Perit Amber Wismayer (Hon Secretary) and Perit Sarah Anastasi, Perit Ian Camilleri Cassar, Perit Sandro Cini, Perit Keith Cole, Perit Etienne Fenech, Perit Anthony Fenech Vella, Perit Joseph Galea, Perit Malcolm Gingell, Perit Damian Vella Lenicker (Members).

KTP Press Release: May 24, 2013
Heights Relaxation Policy for Hotels
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View articles in the local press regarding the work of the Kamra tal-Periti

List of warranted periti and warranted partnerships (as published by the Warrants Board)
Architecture Nights_#2

architecture nights posterAnother Architecture Nights event was held on 10th May 2013 at the Aula Magna, Old University Building, Valletta. The programme was as follows:

19.15: Perit Ruben Lautier with the Project: MALTA ENTERPRISE - Rehabilitation and re-use of a building. The talk focused on: Green regeneration; Recycle, re-use, re-fit of old buildings versus new build; management - balance between time and resources; and detailing and understanding your materials

19.45: VCFS Architects (Vassallo Cesareo Felice Said) with the Project: VILLA SIGGIEWI – A rehabilitation project, adapting a historical building into a fully functional civic centre. The talk focused on the challenges encountered when having to convert a historical building into an institution which caters for most of the civic amenities of a town.

Notice to Architects
If you are not currently a member of KTP, you can download an Application Form here.

The KTP often sends out important announcements via e-mail. If you do not receive these messages, please submit your e-mail address to the KTP office.

time for architecture poster
Time for Architecture 2013

The Kamra tal-Periti will again this year be celebrating World Architecture Day (October 7) by holding a series of events of interest to architects, students and the general public. Time for Architecture 2013 forms part of a strategy to create space for reflection and debate about architecture and the importance of the quality of our built environment on the national agenda as well as transmitting architecture and creating awareness about such topics among the general public.

The Kamra Tal-Periti has this year chosen The importance and value of good design: Is it too late? as a theme, focusing on housing and the urban environments in which we live. How does design quality impact the urban environment? What is its value in a context of a historic built environment and limited land and resources? Is it too late? This series of events will be an opportunity to reflect on the state of our urban environment, the value and role of architecture and good design, the importance of valuing our built cultural heritage, as well as consider some of the challenges which impact the quality our urban environments.

photo main speaker
Architecture Nights_#3

The last Architecture Nights was held on the 12th June 2013 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta. The guest speaker for this event was Mr Tim Pharoah, a transport and urban planning consultant, with extensive experience on planning through integrated accessibility, public realm design and speed management.
Mr Pharoah outlined the concept of shared space, and provided guidance on how to design such spaces within an urban context. Following this presentation, Ms Annie Falloon, a MEPA representative, provided a series of local case studies where the notion of shared space has already been put into practice, and others where interventions in public spaces are very much required.
Subsequently, a number of local guests from various organisations were invited to voice their opinions on both the local and foreign examples put forward, and a discussion with the audience then ensued.


architecture nights 3 photo

Architecture Nights 3 photo

architecture nights 4 image Architecture Nights_#4
Sustainable Rehabilitation
July 3, 2013

The Xrobb il-Ghagin Sustainable Development Centre and Nature Park: Nature Conservation, Afforestation and Environmental Education, The Energy Globe International Award, Vincent Attard, Nature Trust Malta.
Sustainable Rehabilitation Strategy - The Xrobb il-Ghagin Sustainable Development Centre: Repair and restoration, Resource and waste management, Materials & Construction, Energy Efficiency. Ruben Paul Borg, Faculty for the Built Environment University of Malta, SBE Malta.
Renewable Energy Systems at the Xrobb il-Ghagin Sustainable Development Centre: Photovoltaic systems, wind energy and energy system. Cyril Spiteri Staines, Faculty of Engineering University of Malta, SBE Malta.

MEPA Reform Update
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Periti are encountering numerous and significant difficulties related to the changes introduced as part of the MEPA Reform Process. The Kamra has, and will remain, in constant contact with MEPA officials in order to bring to their attention the problems and difficulties being encountered by Periti not only in terms of the submission of applications and information through the eApplications system, but also in terms of the method of processing of such applications. The Kamra is maintaining a record of the issues being encountered by periti in this period of transition. You can access this information, and keep track of progress in resolving each issue, via the links below. Please participate in this process by forwarding your comments and the difficulties you encounter to the address: mepafeedback@ktpmalta.com.

MEPA Reform - A position paper prepared by the Kamra tal-Periti
Further views by the Kamra tal-Periti on MEPA Reform
Reaction of the KAMRA TAL-PERITI to the document A BLUEPRINT for MEPA's REFORM

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